Types Of Aerial Work Platforms

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Aerial Work Platforms, commonly known as AWPs, are used to reach higher ground at construction sites or even used by firefighters to save lives, or to clean windows in unthinkably tall buildings. Aerial devices were a great invention to reach inaccessible heights at various directions. So here are a few types of AWPs.

1. The SpiderThis is a boom lift in Singapore set up outside buildings that resembles a four legged spider. It looks like a cherry picker used to pluck cherries which were unreachable. Similarly, these are used to reach great heights for many purposes. It has a bucket at the end of the boom where the workers would stand and do the needful work. Since it is attached to a vehicle, it can be driven wherever needed.

2. Articulated boom liftThis is also known as a knuckle lift. It has bends along its boom that would resemble your finger. The bends make it easier for it to expand and contract whenever it needs to be brought over to a certain site. It sits on a base that could turn a full circle unlike scissor lifts that would lift up straight above. Since it can easily reach difficult heights, it is often used as construction machinery for maintenance or even piping.

3. Telescopic boom liftsThese are boom lifts with a long straight arm that could reach great heights. Unlike articulated boom lifts that could bend around, these are used for work that could be reached straight away. They also sit on a turntable that makes it capable to turn all the way round. This heavy machinery is used for maintenance, electrical repair, window washing etc.

4. Scissor liftThese can move only vertically, directly above it. The motion is done by applying pressure on the bottom set of supports that would push the rest of the supports upwards. The large bucket on top helps to carry somewhat many people or a bigger load. Some scissor lifts may also have extending bridges to reach further away since the lift can only move vertically. These are less in use for this reason. However, scissor lifts are safer than the others. These are best for indoor work such as painting, lighting etc.

These are the most common aerial lifts used nowadays. You should choose wisely according to the work to be done since its costs could differ. Always remember to be cautious when on such lifts since the most common injury reported at worksites is falls. Make sure the lifts are in good condition, with no damages or wear and tear.