Themes For A Party

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We all like a little twist when it comes to celebrating a special day or occasion. Pulling off a traditional party is easy, but in modern times why not add a theme for that extra appeal? Read through for inspiration on the latest themes.


Let’s face it, we all have our personal favorite superhero and superheroine. Growing up, you were probably dreaming of becoming a superhero someday with special powers of flying or invisibility. Well, don’t let reality step on your dreams, you can fulfill your wishes by celebrating a special occasion with your favorite superhero theme! You can get the best cakes made just to fit your superhero theme.


If you like mystery and class, well then the masquerade theme is perfect. Whether it’s a new year’s party or your 16th birthday celebrations, a masquerade ball is fun and exciting. There are so many online stores that sell supplies such as masks and decoration to fit the masquerade theme. You can either give out the masks or ask your guests to bring their own. You can even DIY the masks and get crazy with your creativity.


The costume theme has been around for years, that’s because it never gets old! The fun that involves in picking out a costume and letting your imagination run wild is the best part of any costume party. The choices are endless, and you can get as innovative as you want to and let your friends see a side of you they never before have! Along with a costume party comes great ideas for memorable unique gifts in Singapore you can give (or even get!).

Fairy tale

The fairy tale/princess theme is ideal for kids that cannot get over Disney princess movies! The spark in their eyes each time their favorite princess comes on television, gives even you a hopeful feeling. Why not fulfill their wishes by having a Disney princess themed party? You can hire a few Disney “princesses” to come and spend time and take pictures with the kids. Watch a movie or two and sprinkle fairy dust all over!

Movie theme

If you have a movie you just cannot get enough of, why not surround your party around the movie? You could dress up as the main character and have your moment in the lime light! Movie themed parties have always been trendy.

Everyone prefers an amusing and captivating party over a boring one. With so many cake options available, given were a few of the most recurrent ones. Few other themes would be garden, mystic, outer space, Hollywood and even medieval! Become a visionary when picking an ideal theme for a party.