The Right And Obligations Of The Employer(S) And Employees

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It can be seen that the relationship between the employer(s) and employees had become too constricted and broken down to be too narrow due to the stautues and other legal bodies. But, these statutes and legal bodies had defined the relationship between the employer(s) and employees and made it less suffocating for both the parties. They had been brought under a contractual relationship and giving both of them rights and obligations for each other.
The legal territories
The legal resolution is available for lots of things. For example, you can find that law had given well constructed resolution for the problems between employer and employee, employer and employees, employer(s) and employee, employer(s) and employees, employer and employer as well as employee and employee. It had been very complex comprising of almost every possible relationship to manage you company accounts.
The contract is very important of part of these relationships. For example, when there are shareholder disputes, the court will expect to look at the contractual terms. It is very important to make sure you have an enforceable contract. Most of the people do not understand the need for proper contracts because it is the only way to know what to do and how to precede the case.
It is seriously important if you are working under a man power service company like company registration agents in Singapore, it is important to know who your boss is. It should be clearly mentioned whether you are an employee of the man power company or the company you are working for. When there is a breach of your employee rights, you should know the right person to sue.
But there is a problem with the application of these laws because of course the employers have the upper hand at gaining their rights easily. But the employees have a problem because the employer(s) can fire and any kind of person can be replaced easily with the population density and availability of huge willing man power.
It is literally important to understand the fact that there are several laws but none of them is useful to make the employees life better. They are always being exploited under fraudulent titles and depriving them of their statutory rights. There is also problem with the politics involved in aspects of law. When some employee had got the guts to sue his employer(s) for their mistakes, the politics will mess everything. If the employer(s) is related to some strong political party, there is a huge chance that the employee might be even killed to save the employer(s) identity and his/ her/ their identity.