Making A Tai Mao Bi For Your Little One

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When you get married you put a ring that is specially made for that occasion on your partner’s finger. That is because that special occasion should be marked with something special. Some people even choose to engrave the date of their wedding and their names or initials on those rings to make them more personal.
There are many of you who would want to make something that personal and special for your child. A Tai Mao Bi is one such thing that you can use to mark a special event in your child’s life, which is his or her first hair cut. This signifies a cleansing process for the child. This is something that has come with the Chinese culture where the babies’ hair is left to grow for the first month without cutting. Once the full month is complete the cleansing process is done by shaving the head. Some of the hair that is cut in this occasion is used to make a beautiful calligraphy brush. If you are interested about taimaobi review you can visit this site

There are now companies who offer to make these calligraphy brushes on your behalf. When choosing a service and deciding the type of brush you need, you have to consider some facts.
The baby hair brush can be made using different materials. Here these materials are used to create the body of the brush. Some materials used to create these calligraphy brushes are red sandalwood, brown sandalwood, artificial rosewood, jade, Yak horn, ox horn, etc.
The design of the Tai Mao Bi is usually that of a traditional calligraphy pen. However, depending on the material chosen it will gain a unique look of its own. Also, you can have your child’s name, his or her birthday and your best wishes for the child as the parents engraved on the holder.
The Taimaobi price is not something that is too expensive. Usually, a company that offers to make this brush for you is ready to provide you with the product for a reasonable price. The price will vary on the material that you choose for the calligraphy brush. Even if you choose jade as the material the type of jade that you choose can be something that costs less. Therefore, you have the option of choosing something that you can afford.
Once you make a calligraphy brush using your baby’s first hair you can keep it with you until your child is old enough to give it to him or her. That will be special occasion that you all will remember.