How To Carry Out An Effective Promotion

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If you are peddling the launch of a new product and is a bright, young start up, then it is time you learn the ropes of how to effectively promote your product. Or you could be new head in the marketing department of a company who has to put out a killer promotion campaign for your product. Whatever your role maybe, you will need an effective promotional strategy to boost your sales and build the recognition of the brand. Below are some strategies that you can use to optimize your promotional efforts.

Increasing demand

It is always important to keep in mind that you have to aim to increase the demand for your product. This means that you must always try to design the promotional activities around the need or desire for the product. It can be in the form of EDM marketing Singapore strategies to increase awareness of the product through an advertising campaign online or to offer special deals or bonuses to engage the public in the campaign. The end goal of the strategy you use is ultimately to make the customers want to buy your product.


Today’s consumers are constantly subjected to advertisements and information of various products and businesses. Due to this constant bombardment, their attention span is short and have become somewhat cynical towards information about a new product when offered in the form of an advertisement. An EDM marketing solution suggests that clear, short and concise advertisement is more memorable and helps retain the information in the viewer’s mind than long and detailed advertisements.


Differentiating your product from your competitors will help your customers make an informed decision when buying the product. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize on why your product is better than the others in the market. Make sure you understand what sets in apart before you start promoting it. Some important points are to check what new and exciting features it offers. How does it compare in terms of design and operation. Is it worth the value and better made?

Know your customer

Your promotional activities must be seen as a form of art. In order to captivate the audience with your product, you must first understand their needs and desires. Do some market research on your target demographic to find out who they are, their income levels, and their lifestyles so that it will help you do your promotional activities to target their needs. Different people respond to various advertisements and promotions differently; however a successful promotional strategy will increase your brand visibility and sales.