Every Newly-Engaged Girl’s Wedding Checklist

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The proposal and engagement are incredibly exciting milestones in your life, and as the bride-to-be, you must be naturally over the moon about what is to come. Of course you should first wait for the whirlwind of engagement celebrations to blow past before diving full force into your wedding preparations, mainly because you will split your focus and do neither one properly. Which would not do at all. Instead, take it one at a time and once you are done with the engagement parties and all of that, lay out your wedding checklist. And make this your bible until your wedding day.

Designated Photographer

From start to finish, you are going to want to capture all of these memories to look back on for years to come. From the engagement to the wedding and everything in-between, you want to make sure that as many photographs as possible have been captured, and this in turns means that you have to screen your photographers well. If possible, enlist the same one for all your wedding-related events since that make everything so much easier. Ask if along with your engagement, they may be able to also shoot the actual day wedding photography Singapore.

Lay Out Your Budget

This is definitely less than glamorous, and probably not something you want to deal with since it means coming down to reality and tailoring your wedding accordingly, but you will find that it gives you peace of mind to go ahead with the rest of your preparations. Would you not hate it if every time you went shopping for a wedding dress you had a nagging voice at the back of your head that reminded you have not yet checked whether you can afford it? It will not take you very long at all, so get this boring yet important task out of the way.

Break the Timeline Down

In other words, get one of those pre-made checklists that divides all your tasks into a comprehensive timelines. So for instance, what you need to take of 12 months before the wedding, then 9, 6 and so on. It will definitely help you retain your sanity, and keep you in check. Which is the whole point of a checklist right? You are then able to allocate enough time to each task, such as wedding videography for example. After all, you want your memorable wedding video to be off-the-hook and great to look back on one day.

Your Bride Tribe

Again something you may have a bit of trouble with as you try to include those most important to you, but also something that should preferably be out of the way as soon as possible. This will help you get their outfits and boutonnieres sorted out in advance. You also need to get your bridesmaids’ gifts sorted out, as well as decide on what each person’s responsibilities will be. As you can see, there is a lot to do, so the sooner you get on it, the better.