Classroom Vs. Playground – Striking The Right Balance

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Education through a Child’s Eyes

The tension between children and their parents when it comes to school and the playground is one that has lasted throughout history and has found its way into our lives in the present. In a world where it is becoming tougher to become employed in a reputable, well-paid job, it is only natural that the parents who have been out there and know for themselves the struggle that anyone has to face in the adult world, would try to get their children to do well in school, get good grades and obtain their educational qualifications. There is nothing wrong with wanting that for your children; the problem seems to be with the way in which most parents approach this. Most schools and even pre-schools now provide an opportunity for parents to be more involved in a child’s education process by inviting them to participate in certain lessons along with their children.

Places such as holiday programme in Singapore provide a safe environment for parent and children to interact with each other in a non-classroom setting which is more relaxed and enjoyable. Such a setting also helps parents understand what their child is experiencing in school better, thereby being better able to relate to and assist with the learning process.

Fun that Encourages Learning

Fun and learning are two ingredients that are now bringing about very good results when added and mixed in the correct proportions. You might be able to find a playgroup in Pasir Ris which allows kindergarteners to act, sing and dance their way into learning language skills faster as well as remember them better. These creative activities which are essentially organised and performed outside the classroom are meant to use fun as a tool to bring out the thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for learning in young children. In addition, games and activities that are designed to enhance coordination, concentration and memory as well as encourage interpersonal skills may be used to teach children important lessons that cannot be taught as effectively inside a classroom.

Physical Growth as Important as Mental Development

A child goes through rapid physical growth in the early years of his/her life. These developments are crucial as they set up the foundation for the state of his/her physical wellbeing in the adult years. There is very little help that can be given inside a classroom to improve physical growth of a child. Therefore, the matter has to be dealt with outside in the playground or in a gymnasium. While education is mainly aimed at refining a child’s mental capabilities, education should not ignore the need to hone and nourish a child’s physical growth as well. A physically active child will also have a healthier brain to absorb his/her learnings with.