Building An Eco-Friendly Home

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Every day new homes are built but most of them are constructed using the same old inefficient resources. Have we given a thought to how we can increase resource efficiency and sustainability? It is clear that we need to improve the sustainability of the places we live in. If you are planning on building or renovating your house here are few things you can do to increase the efficiency of your home.

Building orientation of your house

When building or renovating a house, the location and the direction that it faces has a major impact on the heating and cooling abilities. Finding the optimal orientation for your house is an advantage if you want to utilize the general climate features especially the sunlight and breeze. This increases the opportunity for solar panels and geothermal hot water systems. When we consider the materials used in the buildings and fittings the efficiency depends on the physical manner that the material works without compromising the quality. It should leave less wastage. So it is important to use long lasting, durable and recyclable products.

Location and materials

When you find the perfect location and orientation you can take the holistic approach to heating and cooling options. To start with natural lighting and cross ventilation: for instance north and northeast facing house are exposed to direct sunlight while the south remains a bit dark. Adding a window with the right curtains and blinds Singapore will be make huge change while also giving you the flexibility to control the degree of light and breeze.

It is highly advisable to have a living space with cross ventilated and that allows a lot of natural light. This reduces the use of electric heating and cooling. Customized bamboo blinds: horizontal and vertical will allow more natural light. Avoiding volatile organic compounds is the fundamental rule to a clean and health indoor environment. So be careful when you select paints, finishes and other important materials. Choose the right colors so that it reflects a lot of natural light, lighter colors than dark heat absorbing colors.

Maintaining and enhancing a eco-friendly house

When your house utilizes a lot of natural light you save a lot on power used in lighting systems. Green house owners save as much a third on their water and utility bills. Reducing such costs on the long run helps the owner’s monthly budget significantly. The quality of your indoor environment depends on factor inside that house such as lighting, ventilation, thermal conditions and air quality. A good indoor environment also reflects on the good health of the occupants. Eco friendly homes achieve these by operable windows that allows sunlight and the reduced usage of materials that contains harmful components that are dangerous for health and well-being.

When we reduce the usage of products that pollute the environment such as synthetic plastics or coal, you are contributing to a cleaner environment. And thus for a cleaner tomorrow.