Attire For The Bridal Retinue

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Attire for the bridal retinue has always been a very important element at any marriage and wedding. It is becoming even more of a trend today, with weddings being so big and everyone going out of the way to impress each other. The retinue at any wedding plays a major role. Brides and grooms go out of their ways, to make the retinue stand out and at the same time, make them a unique part of the wedding. This is the very reason why the attire of the retinue is given more thought, than certain other elements of a wedding. When it comes to attire of the retinue, it comes in two fold. The girls versus the guys are given extra thought, in what they need to be dressed. Here is a look at what’s most commonly trendy today, when it comes to retinue attire.

The grooms’ party When it comes to the groom’s party, quite often it has been the suit that plays the major role. But today this is changing. Trends are coming in and out and couples are exploring other options, based on theme weddings and even destination weddings. Fashion designing shops are catering to a bigger and better market. Some of these shops are designated just for groom’s party attire.

Suit being the most traditional, come out in many forms today. From the colors, styles, designs and brands, to custom clothing, everything is becoming ever so popular. Custom made attires are becoming so popular. Accessories such as suspenders, bow ties, waist coats to much more be incorporated and custom made, along with other custom made pieces of clothing such as for mens shirt in Singapore, custom pants, etc. It’s all in the name of a trend and just to ensure that the grooms party stands out, as much as the bridal party.

The bridal party The bridal party always becomes the bigger focus and looked upon more. They always stand out better than the boys, and this has also become a part of the wedding that brides go to town with. From choosing colors, to patterns and designs, choosing tailors’, to specialized designers. Choosing various brands and exclusive tag lines. All of this has become a part of the trend. As much as the bridal dress is important, the bridal party dresses are a very important element.

Special thought and consideration is given for months. Details are paid attention in big scale. From measurements to try outs to the final countdown, these dresses become the highlight and always add in making the bride stand out, in their own little unique way.